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Bonding Agent

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  1. DAVCO 1000 PREMIUM LATEX (20 litre)

    Finishing Adhesive Bonding & Waterproofing of Mortar

    - Scratch coats
    - Cement-based coats or lime plaster finishes
    - Waterproof coats for shaft linings, reservoirs, retention tanks and swimming pools
    - Bonding and waterproofing of plaster coats
    - Admixed screed for tiled flooring
    - Rendering and reshaping mortar
    - Bridging mortar for construction joints
    - Mortar for laying prefabricated elements
    - Pointing and caulking mortar for a variety of joints : masonry, chimney stacks, flashing
    - Repairs to concrete flooring

  2. DAVCO 751 (20 litre)

    Synthetic resin emulsion which significantly improves the performance of mortar & concrete


    - Bonding agent for cementitious floor screed and polymer modified repair mortar.
    - Bonding additive for slurry scratch coats/key coats.
    - Added to thick and thin bed render on screed to increase flexural and compressive strength.
    - As an additive to improve water resistance of mortar and prevent rapid hydration

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2 Item(s)