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Floor Repair & Treatment

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  1. DAVCO 711 (25kg)

    Ready-to-wet mortar composed of sand, special cements & admixtures

    - Repairs to industrial flooring, concrete walkways and roads, pot-holes, undercuts.
    - Bed-face for high-traffic paving and road surfaces

  2. DAVCO 702 (25 KG)

    Davco 702 is a single component, high strength, shrinkage compensated grout that is non-corrosive, non oxidizing, and free of chlorides and nitrates.


    Davco Panel Adhesive is a high quality, thin bed, cementitious adhesive that is specially formulated for fixing Light Weight Panels. It is polymer modified and fibre reinforced to prevent hairline cracks, and strengthen the adhesion between panels, ensuring optimum strength and fire rating performance of the completed installation.

  4. Davco 110 White (40 Kg)

    Davco 110 is a white skim smoothening rendering powder to be mixed with water for repairing surface defects in concrete or render.

    • Interior and exterior walls and ceilings.
    • Reinforced concrete.
    • Precast concrete panels.
    • Traditional rendering.
  5. DAVCO GROUT 380 ECO (25kg)

    Davco Grout 380 ECO is a one component, shrinkage compensated grout which is specially formulated to have a lower embodied carbon foot print. Davco Grout 380 ECO specially formulated with special additives for high fluidity and is ideal for pressure grouting, requiring only on-site addition of water to provide a non-shrink free flowing grout.

  6. DAVCO 760 PASSIVANT ACIER (5 litres)

    Davco 760 is a high performance reinforcement primer for the corrosion protection of steel reinforcement bars.

  7. DAVCO 731 (25kg)

    Davco 731 REPAIR MORTAR  is a ready-to-use mortar composed of sand, special cement, fibres and admixtures.



    Davco Duracrete ECO is a high performance, repair mortar for reinstating the integrity of the concrete slab.

    Davco Duracrete ECO is a polymer modified cementitious repair mortar which is specially formulated for spalling concrete repair. It allows for thick overhead application of up to 50mm to reduce installation time and increase on site productive and its non-shrink properties minimizes surface cracks.


    Grade 70 NS Free Flowing Pressure Grout

    - Use DAVCO HIGH GRADE GROUT ECO in applications needing high compressive strength and where shrinkage is undesirable.
    - Primary uses are for bedding, filling and grouting applications needing high strength, and non-shrink material. It can be use for under plate grouting, repairs to precast concrete, bedding bearing plates, anchor bolt fixing, cable grouting and crane rail assembly.


  10. DAVCO HIGH GRADE GROUT 100 (25kg)

    DAVCO HIGH GRADE GROUT 100 is a premium high strength cementitious non-shrink grout, specially designed for pressure grouting. It is formulated with selected additives and fillers to provide a non-shrink free flowing grout with high strength performance. 

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Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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