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Technical Mortar

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  1. DAVCO POLYCRETE ECO (30kg set)

    Premium repair mortar with high compressive strength to reinstate the integrity of the concrete slab


    - As a repair medium for concrete or cementitious surfaces damaged by chemical erosion, impact or spalling because of corrosion of reinforcement.
    - Can be use as bedding for the installation, patching cracks, plastering and screeding of worn concrete surfaces.

  2. DAVCO TUFSEAL XG (20 litre)

    Highly durable non-yellowing clear acrylic sealer

    - As a protective sealer for a wide range of surfaces such as unglazed quarry tiles, slates, pavers and roof tiles
    - As a sealer to dustproof concrete, precast concrete, masonry
    - As a water repellent sealer to protect and enhance the durability of brick walls
    - Seals porous surface to prevent fungus and algae growth

  3. DAVCO 751 (20 litre)

    Synthetic resin emulsion which significantly improves the performance of mortar & concrete


    - Bonding agent for cementitious floor screed and polymer modified repair mortar.
    - Bonding additive for slurry scratch coats/key coats.
    - Added to thick and thin bed render on screed to increase flexural and compressive strength.
    - As an additive to improve water resistance of mortar and prevent rapid hydration


    A non-yellowing, water-based, clear polyurethane floor coating that is easy to apply. Lanko Carborudum Top Coat forms a tough homogeneous film that increases the slip & stain resistance while protecting the surface and enhancing its durability.


    Sika (Singapore) only
    As per our standard.

  5. DAVCO 721 (5kg set)

    A low viscosity 2-component epoxy crack injection material based on modified epoxy resin and an amine hardening binder, solvent free.

    - Used as an injection epoxy repair for structural cracks in concrete and masonry.
    - For joining and filling up of voids in areas of delamination.
    - For bonding hollow plaster and floor toppings.
    - For sealing non-movement joints in concrete and protects from corrosion.
    - Impregnation of friable rock or porous stones.

  6. DAVCO GROUT 480 ECO (25kg)

    High strength non-shrink grout

    - Structural concrete repairs
    - Vertical and horizontal repairs
    - Floor patching
    - Filling of voids, cavities and rigid joints

    Min of 3 Bags

  7. DAVCO HIGH GRADE GROUT 100 (25kg)

    DAVCO HIGH GRADE GROUT 100 is a premium high strength cementitious non-shrink grout, specially designed for pressure grouting. It is formulated with selected additives and fillers to provide a non-shrink free flowing grout with high strength performance. 


    Grade 70 NS Free Flowing Pressure Grout

    - Use DAVCO HIGH GRADE GROUT ECO in applications needing high compressive strength and where shrinkage is undesirable.
    - Primary uses are for bedding, filling and grouting applications needing high strength, and non-shrink material. It can be use for under plate grouting, repairs to precast concrete, bedding bearing plates, anchor bolt fixing, cable grouting and crane rail assembly.


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    Davco Duracrete ECO is a high performance, repair mortar for reinstating the integrity of the concrete slab.

    Davco Duracrete ECO is a polymer modified cementitious repair mortar which is specially formulated for spalling concrete repair. It allows for thick overhead application of up to 50mm to reduce installation time and increase on site productive and its non-shrink properties minimizes surface cracks.

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