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  1. DAVCO GROUT 180 ECO (25kg)

    Cementitious non-shrink grout specially formulated to have a lower embodied carbon foot print

    - Can be used in all grouting situation where shrinkage is undesirable.
    - Primary uses are: bedding, filling and grouting applications where complete filling of voids with a high strength non-shrink material is required. It can be used for under-plate grouting, repairs to precast concrete, bedding bearing plates, anchor bolt fixing, cable grouting and crane rail assembly.

    The MOQ for this item is 2 bags. 

  2. DAVCO GROUT 280 ECO (25kg)

    Cementitious non-shrink grout with low embodied carbon footprint

    - Floor patching
    - Bonding new concrete to old
    - Vertical repair

    The MOQ for this item is 5 bags. 



    Eco-friendly, non shrink grout

    - Designed for use as panel adhesive in the installation of Precast Concrete Panel and Light Weight Concrete Panel Walls

  4. DAVCO 1000 PREMIUM LATEX (20 litre)

    Finishing Adhesive Bonding & Waterproofing of Mortar

    - Scratch coats
    - Cement-based coats or lime plaster finishes
    - Waterproof coats for shaft linings, reservoirs, retention tanks and swimming pools
    - Bonding and waterproofing of plaster coats
    - Admixed screed for tiled flooring
    - Rendering and reshaping mortar
    - Bridging mortar for construction joints
    - Mortar for laying prefabricated elements
    - Pointing and caulking mortar for a variety of joints : masonry, chimney stacks, flashing
    - Repairs to concrete flooring

  5. DAVCO DW1 (4 litre)

    Synthetic, latex based mortar additive designed for use with portland cement & sand to prepare high strength, thin set mortars

    - May be used as a mortar additive for fixing ceramic tiles, pavers, marble, slate and natural stone onto concrete, cement render, blockwork and rendered brickwork surfaces.
    - Can be used in conjunction with sand and cement as a splash coat to fix render, or bed tiles over uneven concrete
    - Can also be used as an additive to strengthen cement render coats
    - Can also be used as a grout additive, especially in straight sand cement grouts. In conjunction with sand / cement can be used to tile over existing tiles.
    - Can be used as latex binder in thick bed mortar fixing
    - Can be used as an injection repair for bonding hollow plaster and floor screed


    Single component polymer modified cementitious adhesive mortar that is ideal for jointing lightweight blocks


    - Easy and quick installation of light-weight autoclaved aerated blocks


    Eco-friendly marble slab adhesive for fixing marble slabs & granite tiles onto floors

    - Ideal for laying marble or granite slabs onto concrete and plaster
    - Note: Different sources of marble may vary in porosity and chemical composition. If unsure, please contact us for advice on the right adhesive to use

  8. DAVCO SMP 2010 GREY (25kg)

    Premium grade, polymer fortified adhesive  for interior & exterior applications in residential & commercial work areas

    - Can be used on both walls and floors, in interior and exterior applications
    - Can be used to fix tiles onto concrete, cement renders/screeds, blockwork, rendered brickwork and compatible waterproofing membranes.
    - Davco SMP 2010 is recommended for the thick and thin bed fixing of all types of ceramic, mosaic, fully vitrified, porcelain, terracotta, slate, quarry, natural stone, granite and marble tiles with the exception of green marble.
    - When Davco SMP 2010 is modified with Davco Mortaflex ECO / Davelastic (diluted 1:1 with water) it enhances its performance and the system may be used to fix tiles onto facades, screed/render cured for 24hours and fix tiles in immersed situations (such as swimming pools, spas and similar areas)

    The MOQ for this item is 2 bags. 


    Factory prepacked cement based sanded dryset mortar

    - For the installation of absorptive and non-absorptive wall and floor tiles for interior and exterior surfaces
    - Davco Tile Bond ECO is used with Davco Mortaflex ECO, Davco Davelastic to install non-absorptive tiles including heavy duty tiles, marbles and granite
    - Can be used as a skim render or screed when gauged with Davco Mortaflex ECO and apply in minimum 5mm thick

  10. DAVCO TTB ECO (25kg) White

    - Use to lay tiles, marbles / natural stones onto concrete, render, blockwork and rendered brickwork surfaces
    - Can be used on walls and floors in both interior and exterior applications
    - Use with Davco Davelastic or Davco Mortaflex ECO when fixing dense tiles such as vitrified porcelain and fixing marble and granite, to obtain high bond strength and superior performance
    - Use with Davco Mortaflex ECO in areas of heavy movement

    MOQ: 3 Bags

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Items 11 to 20 of 134 total

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